See what people are saying about their experience with Foundations.

What I love about Foundations:
• Its a framework for a continuous lifetime of discipling others - once you start, you won’t want to quit!
• I love how each discipleship experience leads to deep friendships lead by the Holy Spirit and built on love and trust.
• Each session in the 30 key topics offers opportunity to overcome past religious misunderstandings, incorrect teaching and legalistic mindsets that we often learn from our early church experiences.
• The Foundations journey in discipleship is a fantastic opportunity to experience real spiritual and emotional growth and healing for both the discipler and the disciplees.
— Deb G.
Foundations has been one of the greatest tools to help me grow in my relationship with our Lord.  I have gone through the material as a participant and as a leader, and each time I have learned more and more about having a relationship with our Lord. This is a great tool to help anyone who desires to go deeper in their faith.
— Terry G.